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Writing Prompts – September 9, 2015

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Story Starter #53: Smoke rose in the air like puffs of dark gray clouds, undulating as the summer breeze hit it. The flames were higher than a bonfire and engulfed the vehicle as it sat motionless in the break down lane of the highway. The flames licked at the insides, melting the dashboard. I could smell burning rubber as I drove closer. Vehicles darted out of the lane to avoid the tongue of flames darting from the car’s windows. Not an emergency vehicle in sight.

Writing Prompt #53: A scientist, a museum, a golf cart

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Writing Prompts – August 19, 2015

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Story Starter #52: The basement was nothing more than a vast storage area with cardboard boxes neatly arranged, all written with dates as far back as the 1940’s. Some of the boxes were moldy, others flimsy from water stains.

She didn’t relish the task of going through each box. There must be close to a hundred of them. Her grandmother always was a pack rat.

“You never know what kind of stuff you’ll find,” her husband said, his voice eager. He ripped through the tape on a box with his pocketknife and folded back the flaps. “Magazines,” he said, disappointed.

They worked steadily for several hours and all they had to show for their efforts were a few pieces of jewelry that may or may not be valuable and a first edition Hemingway.

“One more box for tonight,” she said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. She reached for a box without a date scribbled on it and was surprised to find it empty. Her brow furrowing, she moved the box aside and spotted a square hatch made of wood instead of concrete like the rest of the basement floor.

Writing Prompt #52: A camping trip, a vampire, a clock

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Writing Prompts – July 29, 2015

New writing prompts are available. And, we just reached our 1 year of milestone!

Story Starter #51: He heard their footsteps and their raucous voices as they left the graveyard. The thin beams of their flashlights bobbing up and down as they walked, growing distant. He sat cross-legged on the hard, packed earth near a tombstone so old the ground had begun to reclaim it. The date of death about 300 years earlier.

He shivered and wrapped the single blanket they left him around his shoulders. It’s just for one night, he told himself. I just have to stay here until dawn. His parents thought he was at a sleepover. He chuckled to himself.

Something startled him to his left. His heart dropped into his stomach. He reached for the flashlight, flicked it one, and pointed it in the direction he heard the noise. The only thing he saw was an owl, hooting at him from a hovering tree branch, and a fresh headstone. So fresh, in fact, the dirt around it looked new.

Curious, he got to his feet, dusted off the dirt and grass clinging to his favorite jeans, and carefully picked his way over.

The headstone was a gleaming white and, to his surprise, the newly-deceased bore the same name as him. He reached out his hand to touch the engraved letters with his fingers. His eyes raked the birth date and date of death and he nearly dropped the flashlight. That was his birth date. And the death date–his heart beat in his chest so rapidly he thought it might explode–that death date was today.

Writing Prompt #51: An ice cream truck, a beach, sunglasses.

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Writing Prompts – July 8, 2015

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Story Starter #50: I came home to find a bouquet of flowers on my doorstep. I sniffed the flowers, enjoying the freshness of the petals and their vibrant colors. Then I noticed a white envelope attached to the base of the bouquet with Scotch tape. My name was written across the front  in a bold script. My heart beat in my chest. Did I have a secret admirer?

Eagerly I ripped open the envelope only to feel my heart drop to my toes. My chest tightened and I couldn’t breathe. It was as if someone tied an anchor around my ankles and tossed me into the ocean. The card was from my mother. But my mother had been dead for three years.

Perhaps this was some sick joke. My brother was always kind of an asshole. As I went to search the bouquet’s wrapping for anything to identify the florist, those once-beautiful flowers were now rotted, the petals wilting and brown.

Writing Prompt #50: A tow truck driver, an alley, a wallet

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Writing Prompts – June 4, 2015

New writing prompts available!

Story Starter #47: “Count to ten,” she said soothingly, watching as his face grew ruddy from the anger boiling inside him. “There aren’t enough numbers!” he screamed, his yellow teeth bared.

Writing Prompt #47: A makeup artist, poison, a theater

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Writing Prompts – May 12, 2015

New writing prompts available!

Story Starter #46: The blood moon came only once every century, as far back as recorded history allowed. And it always brought with it some cataclysmic event.

Writing Prompt #46: A lost civilization, a spy, a clock

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Writing Prompts – May 1, 2015

Again, sorry for the lack of prompts! With the spring has come an abundance of stuff!

Story Starter #45: “He’s the cutest boy in school!” I exclaimed. “And he asked me to go to Homecoming! Can you believe it?” My sister smiled, but it was only halfhearted. “Be careful around him. He’s not who you think.”

Writing Prompt #45: A sociopath, a bank account, a foreign country

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Writing Prompts – April 8, 2015

Sorry for the long wait! I’ve been super busy with work and personal stuff. Hope everyone had a great Easter. Here are three new prompts to get you started!

Story Starter #44: The jagged scar wove all the way up his ankle and stopped just below his knee. He still experienced a pins-and-needles sensation on occasion and sometimes, it ached so bad in the late hours of the night he awoke from a deep slumber afraid that his leg was wrapped in barbed wire.

Writing Prompt #44: A celebrity, revenge, an airport

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