Writerly Soul is a tool to help writers plan their stories and combat writer’s block, which can be a very debilitating disorder. I am often a sufferer myself. Usually I KNOW where I want my story to go, but sometimes I have a little trouble getting there. When I researched writing prompts, most came up for children or for teachers to share with their students. I had a hard time finding any for adults who sometimes need a little extra help.

About Me

apollo_meI have been writing stories since I was a kid. When I think of some of the stories I wrote, I cringe a little inside, but they have all taught me something along the way and allowed me to hone my craft. Currently, I am working on a fantasy novel and a novella. When my focus wanes (as it often does), and I find I just cannot sit down and write, I am either volunteering at a no-kill animal shelter, playing with my rescue, or dividing my time between my love of indie films and playing my guitar. The rest of the time, I am making ends meet by working as an Architectural Designer in an architecture firm.

About the Name

The name comes from the deep-seated NEED to write. I cannot fathom not writing. It is a part of me. I’m sure most writers, established or aspiring, will agree on some level. 🙂

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