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Writing Prompts – August 19, 2015

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Story Starter #52: The basement was nothing more than a vast storage area with cardboard boxes neatly arranged, all written with dates as far back as the 1940’s. Some of the boxes were moldy, others flimsy from water stains.

She didn’t relish the task of going through each box. There must be close to a hundred of them. Her grandmother always was a pack rat.

“You never know what kind of stuff you’ll find,” her husband said, his voice eager. He ripped through the tape on a box with his pocketknife and folded back the flaps. “Magazines,” he said, disappointed.

They worked steadily for several hours and all they had to show for their efforts were a few pieces of jewelry that may or may not be valuable and a first edition Hemingway.

“One more box for tonight,” she said, wiping her forehead with the back of her hand. She reached for a box without a date scribbled on it and was surprised to find it empty. Her brow furrowing, she moved the box aside and spotted a square hatch made of wood instead of concrete like the rest of the basement floor.

Writing Prompt #52: A camping trip, a vampire, a clock

Picture #52: Describe the image below.

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