From May 2015

Writing Prompts – May 12, 2015

New writing prompts available!

Story Starter #46: The blood moon came only once every century, as far back as recorded history allowed. And it always brought with it some cataclysmic event.

Writing Prompt #46: A lost civilization, a spy, a clock

Picture #46: Describe the image below.

Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts – May 1, 2015

Again, sorry for the lack of prompts! With the spring has come an abundance of stuff!

Story Starter #45: “He’s the cutest boy in school!” I exclaimed. “And he asked me to go to Homecoming! Can you believe it?” My sister smiled, but it was only halfhearted. “Be careful around him. He’s not who you think.”

Writing Prompt #45: A sociopath, a bank account, a foreign country

Picture #45: Describe the image below.